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Appointments : 936.539.9211    Business : 936.539.1096

Assistance - Crisis Assistance Center, Montgomery County, Conroe, Texas


Crisis Assistance Center (CAC) is a non-profit organization established in 1981 that provides real solutions that help rebuild families during times of crisis. These are residents throughout the county whose health and well-being are threatened by an unexpected crisis or need.

Last year, we provided services to over 12,000 individuals residing in Montgomery County. We are the only agency with a county-wide reach for emergency assistance. Demographics include the elderly, single parent, two-parent, veteran, disabled, and economically disadvantaged households with or without children. Our current client profile is broken down into four segments of our client profile that we refer to as:

Group A: Household with unexpected crisis and need one time assistance- CAC estimates that 9% of the clients served last year fell into this category and received $82,000 for client assistance.

Group B: Middle class educated households experiencing crisis for the 1st time- CAC estimates that approximately 45% of clients served last year fell into this category at one time and received $563,000 or 62% of the financial support distributed through CAC and its church partners.

Group C: Households that lost everything and will have to rebuild- CAC estimates that many clients may be on the edge of Group B and Group C and heading toward serious long-term crisis and/or poverty. We do not have enough data to quantify the placement of clients in this category, but conservatively speaking, using the clients receiving on-going rent/utility assistance, housing program, and client referral data, we project that this population represents 15% of the dollars distributed.

Group D: Chronic or working poor households- Many in this group are not eligible for goal setting and/or education since they are elderly and/or disabled on fixed income. These individuals further have limited resources to cover their monthly bills. Every month is a crisis for them. We estimate that this group represents 45% of clients served.

Many of our programs and services could not be made possible without the kind and faithful contributions from our community supporters. Grant funding and in-kind gifts directly benefit CAC’s programs.