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Appointments : 936.539.9211    Business : 936.539.1096

WHAT TO BRING - Crisis Assistance Center, Montgomery County, Conroe, Texas

Your First Visit


When you arrive at the office, you will be asked to fill out the CAC CLIENT INFORMATION PACKET. This set of forms enables us to better assist you in meeting your needs with the crisis you are trying to overcome. In addition, we will always need the following to process your request:

Picture ID
Usually a valid driver’s license or state issued ID. We require that the picture ID be of the person requesting assistance.

Social Security Cards
Bring cards for every household member who has one. We will make a copy of each one for our files.

Proof of income
Needed to qualify for certain grants and funding. This can be two most recent paycheck stubs, bank statement showing payroll deposits, a benefits award letter, verification of employment letter or other official document showing income and your name. YOU MUST BRING IN PROOF OF INCOME FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSEHOLD WHO HAS INC0ME.

Late utilities notice
Most recent bill from your electric provider showing date, your name and address (or proof that you live at that address), amount due, amount past due, any disconnect date. You can prove you live at an address when the bill does not bear your name by bringing a piece of other mail addressed to you at that location, school record, driver’s license or other official document showing you connected to the address.

Late rent/mortgage notice
This must be provided by your landlord or lease manager, on letterhead. The Notice must include the date, your name and address, the amount past due, the usual monthly amount, and the word “Evict” somewhere on the page. If you are not in immediate danger of eviction, the Notice must include a warning that eviction will occur in the future if payment is not made. The letter must be signed by the landlord or lease manager. If your landlord is a private property owner instead of a business, the letter must be notarized.

Original Prescription slip
We will make a copy for our files. The Rx is usually a new treatment, but in some cases we are able to provide limited refills. CAC will not fill prescriptions for painkillers or other controlled substances. The list of controlled substances changes frequently, so if you are unsure, call or bring it in for a check.

Any official document that proves your crisis, such as documents showing loss of income, loss of spouse, loss of child support, large unexpected repair bills, misc. medical expenses, or anything else that may prove your crises.