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Appointments : 936.539.9211    Business : 936.539.1096

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Be a Legacy

Have you considered the legacy you are leaving?  Or, what about the legacy you are living?  Let me clarify and dig a little deeper.   What is our life choices, actions, and influence leaving a mark on today?   Legacy, while usually referred to as a gift from the past,...

Happy 2016!

Do Less with More in 2016   Have you given thought to that annual question of New Year’s resolutions? It seems like every year at this time we take inventory of the things that fill our lives, our homes and our all too precious time. If your home is anything like...


Emergency Responsive CAC goes beyond the “Band-Aid” to provide emergency assistance in times of crisis. Even when situations fall outside of our scope of services, we do our best to leverage other resources to meet the clients’ existing need. Client Focused CAC...