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Appointments : 936.539.9211    Business : 936.539.1096

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Clients come to CAC to obtain assistance for rent, utilities, childcare, food, clothing, and prescriptions. Through joint efforts with many community partnerships we are able to keep families housed with working utilities, clothing, food, support services, and necessities. Some funding partners include the Montgomery County United Way, April Sound Church, First United Methodist Church of Conroe, the Montgomery County Community Foundation, the Houston Endowment, Cut-N-Shoot Charities, Montgomery County, Entergy, Sam Houston Electric Co-op, Mid-South Synergy, and Reliant.

Beyond the emergency assistance, CAC offers preventive services to help lift a family out of crisis towards self-sufficiency. Through a “care team” approach around an intensive case management model, CAC is able to provide an individualized plan and roadmap of services specific to the clients’ needs. Our community partnerships with area churches and other social service agencies enable us to provide an array of services beyond the “Band-Aid” and holistically walk with families out of crisis.

CAC Client Services

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Utilities Assistance

CAC is committed to helping families to rebuild themselves out of crisis. Our utility assistance programs can pay for electricity, gas, propane, kerosene, or wood (if that is the heating source for the home). The utility assistance programs cannot pay for telephone, cable television, water, or security light service.

Rent / Mortgage Assistance
When an unexpected crisis depletes the family income to the point of eviction, CAC can partially provide rent and mortgage assistance to Montgomery County residents who are experiencing a crisis.
Prescription Assistance
CAC assists clients who have recently gone to the emergency room or doctor’s office and cannot afford to fill their prescriptions. CAC secures the best price for the medication and sends a voucher with the client to the pharmacy so the prescription is filled as quickly as possible.
Childcare Assistance
CAC can provide limited childcare assistance for clients to attend an interview, work, or training.
Community Collaborations and Life Skill Classes
CAC has taken the lead to go beyond the “Band Aid” approach to provide a continuum of services to families needing extensive case management and more than a one-time temporary financial payment. Through these partnerships, we allow families to take control of their lives by developing an individualized plan to receive the necessary resources holistically needed to become self-sufficient.


CAC Supportive Services

Client Choice Food Pantry

e594947a89357b7777e7eaa5de51d6a8CAC offers a Client Choice Food Pantry, which allows clients to shop the shelves for food they want and need, according to their specific dietary and nutritional needs. Clients are invited individually to the pantry and encouraged to open both the freezers and the coolers to choose the perishables they would like to take with them. This model is more respectful than handing the client a bag of food they may not need and reduces waste. CAC is the only pantry that serves the entire county for hungry residents of Montgomery County.


CAC also offers vouchers for clothing for individuals and families in need. Coats and blankets are donated to CAC during cold weather. To learn more about our clothing voucher program, contact 936-539-9211.

Household Items

CAC provides household goods such as paper towels, laundry detergent, soap, toothpaste, toilet tissue, and school supplies to our clients.  The items provided are contingent upon inventory and donations.



We collect personal information about individuals in a computer system called HMIS or Homeless Management Information System for reasons that are discussed in our privacy policy. We may be required to collect some personal information by organizations that fund the operation of this program. Other personal information that we collect is important to run our programs, to improve services for individuals. In order to provide or coordinate individual referrals, case management, housing or other services, some client records may be shared with other organizations that are required to have privacy policies in place in order to protect your personal information.

We collect information that we consider appropriate. If you have any questions or would like to see our privacy policy, our staff will provide you with a copy. You have the right as a client to decline to share your information.


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